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Which art styles are you interested in?


Divinity Complex #1

Divinity Complex #1

by Mark Constantine Inducil

I don't think I have one single style of art that I like as long as it makes some kind of instant connection to something inside me.

I guess this piece could fall into any of the following categories: Visionary, Surreal or Psychedelic. The thing I love about it is the beauty, mystery and visual impact.

The colours, forms and design are all so pleasing to the eye they immediately starting triggering an area of the brain that links to my own imagination and I can fall into it and wander around inside of it. Brilliant work


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I’m interested in Julian brangold style. As his journey through a myriad of digital mediums.

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As Universalist I like a wide range of art.

I was always attracted to surrealism, visionary art, psychedelic art and all kind of moving pictures, animation and film. From the genesis collection many pieces resonate very well, it is a wonderful diverse collection.

To highlight a view:

Divine Grace

by Eloh

Devine Grace

The Harvest

by Cody Seekins

the harvest

Garden of Oz

by Artnome


by Frenetik Void


by Oriveda

The five elements of electric alchemic cryogenics.

by Francesco Mai


by Fox

and many others

I could go on and on and on!

"they are all love worthy" in their own way.

Diversity is healthy for every culture,

nobody wants a mono opinion culture !

Made by my friend for me. It has Retro vibe, ETH logo, Owl(Gnosis), & Zenith

Uploaded files:

For me this would obviously be the psychedelic / visionary realm.

I've been inspired by Alex Grey, Android Jones, Eloh Projects, Hexeosis, etc ... from long time before I entered the NFT space.

Many many artists joined this list from the moment I entered the space like for example : LuluXx, Mark Constantine Inducil, Silvio Vieira, Metageist, and soo many others ...

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The art that inspires me the most are motion graphics. not necessarily telling a story, but implying that there is one, just behind the corner, thinly veiled with the little shapes going around.this piece is close to the ideals i've got.

Animated works have always been really inspiring to me

I like this piece a lot titled Pavlovian Fortress

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