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Which art styles are you interested in?


At MoCA the Genesis and the Community Collections show many diverse styles of artworks that represent different perspectives. As humans, we have opinions about which styles challenge/conflict/provoke us which makes us take a moment to comprehend the story behind each piece. To understand where you are, reflect on the styles and see which resonates with you the most.


Figurative: Art that represents the real world, replicating real world objects

360: Immersive visual experiences that is most compatible with virtual reality.

Psychedelic: Hallucinogenic or psychedelic experiences represented on a canvas

Visionary: Inspired by things our eyes can't see: sound, smell, taste, dreams, imagination (a perception that can only be created from thoughts and creativity)

Fine: Aesthetically pleasing, made for the human eyes to understand beauty, typically figurative

Generative: The system is the creator; inspired by all art styles, made by an algorithm

3D: Three dimensional, sculptural

Surreal: Symbolic, dream-like, illogical, strange, eccentric

Animation: Animated, motion pictured

Abstract: Uses shapes and colors to represent an abstract concept (opposite of figurative art)

Illustration: A visual approach of an idea or an explanation



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Tune in, turn on. Psychedelic art.

Van Minion - Blank 2
Van Minion - Blank 2 by Christian Rex Van Minnen

I'm very inspired by psychedelic art — especially when it is rooted in the traditions of the masters of fine art past. As result, I'm excited to share my enthusiasm for Van Minion, the genesis collection of Christian Rex Van Minnen. This piece is, in fact, from my own collection but I felt compelled to share a deeper look at it the artist and the project.

Christian is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York whose artwork has been exhibited worldwide. His psychedelic portraiture captures what it might look like if the old masters painted while on LSD. The resultant portraits are both realistic and surreal. Fleshy, bulbous portraits of royalty that have been left in the sun.

With Van Minion, Christian has created fully animated executions as well as collaborate ’blanks.‘ These blanks represent the underlying form or ’mother bust’ from which all Van Minion variants descend. A new blank will be available with each drop for a total of 5 foundational shapes. Owners will have the opportunity to decorate these blanks with gummies and dermis alongside the artist to create their own unique expression of self, all within the collaborative framework of NFTs and Web3.

I honestly love that Christian is poking at the traditions of artist and patron with his Van Minion project. In his own words:

“Throughout history, the old masters would refine their craft and develop a system of apprenticeship to create workshops where patrons could commission large works. This patron class was exclusive and predominantly individuals of great wealth and power. It is interesting to consider how art history would be different if the patrons were a group, deciding content and concept, and the workshop leaderless (decentralized), driven by the pursuit of the craft.

Instead of a half-crazed inbred monarch laying claim to the content of the greatest painters' paintings, what would happen if that patronage, and thus the direction of art history, was turned over to the hive-mind madness of the internet? Ultimately, this is the project.”

I am additionally enamored with the creation process which blurs physical and digital creation. His process starts with a monotype — a monochrome bust that informs the creation of a rough 3d render. The 3d render is projected onto a canvas with gummy stickers on it to create a grisaille of oil paint. This modified version is passed back to be 3D rendered once again, playing around with different directions on the treatment of the glaze layer or dermis, just as in the painting process. It is an ongoing back-and-forth dialogue between the real and the imagined.

I look forward to seeing how the project evolves. I've collected 2 of 5 blanks so far. A collection of all 5 blanks is known as ’MEGA QUINCUNX’ which will afford its owner access to an elite collection of decorative gummies and bonus customizations. Fun!

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Surreal Art - Fewocious


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I found this work really interesting. I think it falls in the category between Figurative & Psychedelic.
Its very colorful and seems to mix different mediums together, from traditional painting to video editing and visual effects.
And thematically also mixes old character (elf) with new concepts like cyperpunk glasses.

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gm frens,


I realy like this kind of art:

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The artist said: "A silly idea that begins to grow but then becomes a challenge, how high can I get? For this you need to add height, little by little. Everything you have done in your life will help you get there, but now that you have a goal you must use all your ingenuity to reach the clouds." (I pulled this description from here: Stairs | Rare Digital Artwork | MakersPlace)

This would be illustration and visionary, I think. I really like this piece, it speaks to me.

Stairs - MOCA. Museum of Crypto Art

`Manoloide - mmntt` is a generative piece by a prodigious author of the form.

There is a lot to pore through in Manolo's repos for anybody who wants to learn more:

I like 3D surreal art like "Vastipan" by Marterium in MOCA's permanent collection. The depth in these pictures always makes me want to watch closer and discover what was going on in the creator during the creation of the art work.



Uploaded files:

3D brings me such a digital+real world sentation even it is odd. I am really into this Sylo piece now.

I really like all art.

I guess I am most attracted to video art, ai art, generative art, conceptual art, installation art and blockchain protocol art

I am currently working on a piece that is all of those things in one or perhaps 5 pieces.

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