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Create your free Member's Pass

The MOCA Member's Pass is your first stop to get involved with the MOCA Community. It's a tool that enables meaningful curation and self-expression inside and outside the moca ecosystem.

When you sign into your MOCA account for the first time the dapp asks you to sign your Member's Pass. Once you've signed this transaction you'll have a publically accessible profile that is automatically linked with the forum board. Every day you can bring 10 of your favorite NFTs into the museum by registering e.g. (activating) them with a gasless transaction on Polygon. This process unlocks new utility layers for your NFTs as they can be aggregated into the MOCA Community Collection and makes them ready for all future functionalities of the MOCA ecosystem.

  1. Read the article in our wiki to learn more about the Member's Pass
  2. Post your Member's Pas into the Community Collection thread
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