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Let's curate: The Community Collection

Over the last couple of weeks we've grown the MOCA Community Collection to over 5000 pieces. This is a huge success but only the start of our journey to democratize the museum space and art curation in general. We as a community are responsible for the contents of the Community Collection and I personally feel that the percentage of "pfp projects" is still too high. We can change that by bringing in more Cryptoart ourselves or by educating others by sharing meaningful Member's Pass curations.

So let's go! Tidy up your pass and share it in this thread so we can use this discussion to educate new community members.

I've started to curate my Member's Pass in August 2021 with the goal to organize my inventory in a way that it reflects my web3 identity including my favorite artists and community alignments. Of course it should be ensured that my most meaningful Cryptoart pieces can be explored via the Community Collection. As only the Cryptoart tab is aggregated into the MOCA Community Collection I thought it makes sense to curate PFPs in custom tabs named "Avatars" and "Pets" which not only helped to structure my profile in a more meaningful way but also leaves more space for actual Cryptoart that I'd love to see inside the Community Collection.

Keep in mind that all the NFTs that you activate inside your Member's Pass (doesn't need to be curated into tabs) will be automatically aggregated into the related tribe collection anyways (e.g. BOTZ, Mooncats, etc.) which you can reach from the leaderboards.



Dapp - Community Collection:
Wiki - Member's Pass:
Wiki - NFT Collections:
Twitter - Over 5000:

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that's a great idea!


here is my pass:


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Already started. Added 10 artworks into the Community Collection. More soon.

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Here's my pass. I had some fun with emoji in the tabs.

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How can I get a members pass?

Quote from Tiago on 9. February 2022, 12:13

How can I get a members pass?

Hey Tiago,

you can create you members pass in the MOCA dapp. Just login with your wallet and and click members pass button on th top right.
You can find more information in the wiki:

I see some collectors of my art here. Have you added my art to the community collection?

You are not allowed to do this. Please login and connect your wallet to your account.