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"Rise of 3D art" in crypto

At the start of 2021, there was a huge demand for 3d art, it was mostly financially motivated.

Before crypto art there were a huge number of 3d artists that were creating amazing pieces on daily basis, just in the name of art or for social media, some were calling them art some were calling content. And social media algorithm generally rewards active users, so if you are posting daily art/content for 4 years, it is not luck or quality of what you produce that makes you loved by robots, I mean algorithms.

And after massive adaptation of nfts, financially motivated people started to invest those pieces, yes I am talking about neon pyramids, palm trees and astronauts. And that increased the price of those pieces.
So we just rewarded artists that were active on social media, well done what a revolution right??

However it is a debate of their value since with the advancement of computer-generated graphics and computers, it is quite easy to create those pieces. You can create decent looking work in a couple of hours. You may say that doesn't value the art but then what ??
Can we find any meaning in those astronaut pieces? maybe if we try hard yes we can. We all know what raise the prices of certain pieces. As an artist, I try to judge pieces in 2 ways, the level of their craft and the message that they try to the envoy. So most 3d pieces in the crypto art space don't meet those requirements.
I would say when things start to settle down which is already started we will see better criticism of those low effort nfts

Uploaded files:

Thats a pretty accurate history of CryptoArt.  I am not sure of what is valuable or not, i guess time will tell, but i am pretty sure that this art movement is not about "making art in the computer" but interacting with the blockchain.

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