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Muni:Muni Mother by Giselxflorez

Gisel is an artist of light, which is a key element with which she plays to elaborate meaningful existential concepts and embody elegant and fragile nature of transformation.

The central glow in the piece is reminiscent of infinite mother's love and strong female principle.

The work itself transcends warmth and simple joy of being by using visual play of light and waves.

It emanates infinity and all those fine threads of the circle of life.

It's curious how she manages to make the piece strong and very gentle at the same time but I just guess that is because she intended to capture essence of love.

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Love this work by Gisel.

We can clearly see a powerful piece here full of love. The love of a mother, the strength, because she's first of all your protector, the confort, the softness, because she knows you can't be happy all the time. A mom really gives you the power you need to get back on your knees during dark times. She always see the light among all this chaos because she knows you even before the time you're born, so she sees something in you that even yourself can't see.

You're right by using the world infinity.

Really cool piece.

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