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Multipass Expansion - Artist + Collector Interaction

There is an growing problem of artists having hard time getting discovered on curated nft platforms and have trouble finding collectors for their artworks.
There is a need for a services that lets the artists and collectors to connect easily without need for shilling on social media and gives equal opportunity for artists to be found that are not able to be vocal in twitter spaces, live events etc.
Museums have always served as places for collectors to discover new artists so MOCA feels like the right place for this.

This service would list profiles of collectors and artists and would enable easily browsing through them using tags, artwork thumbnails, similar galleries etc.
It would enable commenting on artworks, sending dm's (maybe through blockscan chat?) Following others and getting updates on favorite artists / collectors (followers could be visible only to user).

What else you think would be useful for you in this type of service, either as an artist or collector?

Suggested Artist Profile Page Contents

A short intro about the artists.

It should be encouraged to write a longer bio about the background and history of the artists, the style, values and goals.

Artwork gallery
Artworks. This could also have ability to add links to other galleries, collections etc.
Important features: Showing the token metadata (or manually adding the artwork description), ability to add link to the artwork if available in multiple platforms.
Collectors should be able to add comments & questions to the artworks and add them to favorites collection.

Available works
Easy way to find all works that are currently available.

Who have collected artists works.

Links to different platform profiles.

Affiliations / POAPs
Artists could add groups/DAOs etc they are affiliated with but the affiliation would need to be accepted by that group.
POAPs could be added to prove participation in events.

Contact info
How artists wants to get contacted by the collector. / email , twitter, etc

Custom Contract Address
Link to custom contracts if any (Manifold etc)

Tags could be used to make browsing easier for both artists and collectors.

Suggested Collector Page Contents

Introduction / Bio
About the collector and their background and what type of artwork they are looking for.

Collection or link to collection
Artwork collections.

Contact info
How collector wants to get contacted by the artist if any.

Favorite artworks
This could be either private or openly visible.

Tags that describe the collector and what type of art they collect.

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