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Date Minted: June 9, 2018

Artist Description: Fractured strokes create a bigger picture of love today. A complicated image, we don't know what it means or looks like now and days but we all still need it. It was created with a palette knife and then uploaded and altered on photoshop.  

CohentheWriter’s Commentary:

Artist Originalartmaker is an enigma of truly unusual caliber. This is their single work on Superrare. This is their single work I can find anywhere. A flash in the pan, a momentary crash of inspiration, a fleeting vision, this is what Originalartmaker seems to be, and this is what Originalartmaker has left us with. And what a shame too, because this piece, Heart(break), is heart(stopping). From the colors to the compositional technique, it’s a bold and confronting debut from the artist. I just wish that debut led to more. I want to see Heart(break) as the introduction to something, not as the Alpha and the Omega. Here is the methodology of Pindar van Arman mixed with the immediacy of the abstract expressionists. Here is the bridge between physical and digital, between emotional and physical, between opposite sides of the color wheel. Originalartmaker has chosen their name wisely; this is wholly original art. It exists in the crossroads of things, at the intersection between ideas and sensibilities. It is the kind of piece that wallops you; subtle and timid abstraction this is not. That it’s a paean on lost love only deepens its meaning. That it has emerged out of the void to touch us, briefly, before receding, well, what a tragic, beautiful story.

Fractured strokes create a bigger picture of love today. A complicated image, we don't know what it means or looks like now and days but we all still need it. It was created with a palette knife and then uploaded and altered on photoshop.” That’s Originalartmaker’s Artistic Description astride the piece, helping us to understand how it was made, with what intent, and under thrall of what headspace. I mentioned Pindar van Arman before, and that artist’s ability to bring art across the digital channel, bridging the gap between physical and digital worlds. Does not Originalartmaker do that here? Creating a piece with physical tools, cutting into paint with a palette knife, slicing it apart, making it unwhole, imbuing it with the kind of texture that comes from this kind of trauma, and then sending it into the digital world, flattening it out, feeding it into a computer system that cannot recognize that kind of trauma for the peaks and valleys it maintains, but all on its face is a reminder of what happened to it, the now common streaks of pain it wears like false smiles. 

Are we looking at a pink canvas painted green or a green canvas painted green? I’m having a hard time figuring the difference. What we see before us, regardless, is a background of electric pink, speckled in places with flecks and sparks of green, just dots and claw-marks. Except for the center of the piece, where that green explodes outwards, a crazed warzone of green streaks and blots and splashes. Interspersed with the pink, there’s a neon dance happening in the center of the piece, the two colors vying for supremacy, vying for dominance of the piece, though since we are unable to tell which is the background and which is the superimposition, it’s impossible to tell which is the intruding color and which is that being intruded upon. The roles mix. The roles fade away. What remains is only the two colors, slicing mechanically through each other in sharp, straight lines, or fading, speckling, vanishing one into the other without border, without origin.

Heart(break) has a real energy, wouldn’t you agree? It’s not an exciting energy, but a chaotic one. It’s pure chaos, but chaos with movement, the chaos of electrons. It’s the confluence of straight lines mixed with the seemingly random ways in which the two colors interact. If depicting the heartbreak its title seems to suggest, what better analogy could there be? Heartbreak is so often a mixed, unpredictable grab-bag of emotions: the nostalgia, the pain, the hope, the gratitude, the fury, the sorrow. So often, the delineation between emotions is smashed completely. Like combining breakfast cereals in a single bowl, mixing them all up under the nebulous cover of milk. The tastes become interwoven. At moments, you might be able to tell —texturally or visually— what exactly you’re eating. But trying to separate them is a futile action. Does not Originalartmaker’s piece expose this selfsame truth? 

Despite the bright colors, the artist’s pain is communicated quite thoughtfully and powerfully. This piece is so immediate, so bold in its composition —the colors bright, the technique sharp, the effect intricate— that despite it being a purely abstract artwork, the artist’s headspace is expressed quite accurately. Although abstract expressionism is an oftentimes divisive style, the greatest of Pollack’s and Rothko’s works have this same quality of immediacy and expressiveness, but especially the former artist (in my opinion). The actual finished composition itself having almost secondary importance to how well that composition exposes its method of construction, just where the artist was at any given moment, just where they sliced themselves across their canvas, and just what they might have been feeling as they did so. 

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