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FNTN by shl0ms

FNTN by shl0ms was my first foray into what I view as "high art" in the NFT space. It is a conceptual project and a play on Duchamp's Fountain, which you can briefly read about here: Fountain (Duchamp) - Wikipedia
DuChamp's piece is considered a landmark in 20th century art. I think shl0ms' (while technically a derivative, hah!) FNTN is a landmark in the NFT space also. Why? As he put it, it redefines what an NFT can be. In FNTN's case, the creation involved a phsyical IRL event. Volunteers met him in parking garage, shrouded in mystery. Shl0ms wore a mask to conceal his identity. At the event, he revealed an american standard toilet and instructed the participants to take one sledgehammer swing at the toilet, shattering it into over ~150 pieces. Each piece was scanned and digitized into an NFT which presents as a rotating, 360 degree view of the piece. Each is numbered (after the toilet went from 1 piece to many), and pieces 1-30 were in shl0ms wallet before being transferred over to the winning bidders during the auction of the final 30 pieces. The hammer that shl0ms and friends used to destroy the toilet was also made into an NFT, and the winning bidder on that token recieved the physical hammer from the event. On a tangential note, shl0ms himself is approachable and will talk to collectors who are interested in his art. The artwork concept + his willingness to engage with "normal" people, engendered me to the collection.

We have the combination of:

Commentary on Duchamps piece
Commentary and challenge of the idea: "what is an NFT, what can it be"
A mixing of the physical and the digital (the event and the delivery of the IRL hammer)

Link to shl0m's website: S̰̗̐̕H̫͈̎̉L̳̫̿͑0̲̞̾̈M̗̜̃̿Ś̫̔ͅ | conceptual NFT art (

Upcoming project, launching soon: 𝕆𝔹𝔼𝕃𝕀𝕊𝕂 (@0xBELISK) / Twitter

View the piece here: FNTN // 28 - MOCA. Museum of Crypto Art

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