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Discussion: The Ungrudgingly Befuddling Floyd’s Facets (2021-10-18)

Don’t try finding consistency in Fabiello’s Floyd’s Facetsthe Milanese artist’s first and only piece housed in MOCA’s permanent collectionFloyd is art in constant flux, ceaselessly shifting between placements and colors. Throughout the animated piece’s five-second loop, Floyd’s face fractions itself into fractals, as pieces of himself break from the whole, spin around and whizz off-screen before exploding back in from the other side. By trying to examine Floyd’s specificities, we’re really pushing back against the force it’s trying to exert. Floyd wants to be unstable. It wants to keep us ungrounded, our wishes defied. There’s an endearing smugness in how Floyd disregards whether its audience has an easy time understanding it. To that end, try observing this piece at its lone moment of pause, when the loop restarts and Floyd’s blue face reemerges whole, staring straight at you. Like a too-smart student giving a too-snarky answer, he wears a mischievous half-smile, as if he knows we want to deconstruct him. As if he knows just how obfuscating he can be [...]

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