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Discussion: Building Bridges for Architecture in the Metaverse (2022-01-25)

Gargantuan artworks and neon shapes flicker far away like distant bug-zappers, attracting meta-wanderers who teleport in atop moonlit fields.

Imagine standing at the inception of a new architectural era. Imagine spatial experiences built without the constraints of materiality, gravity, or weather. Architecture freed from itself, from all its former fetter [...]

Read the complete article on the MOCA blog:

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Amazing article. We'll streamline the production pipelines for metaverse architects and provide proper tools for collectors/organizers to manage their metaverse exhibitions via the MOCA ROOMs ecosystem. It's very important for the space.

I'm on here to answer questions over the next hour. Will also get back to your questions tomorrow of course. Also: The wiki article about MOCA ROOMs is already in the making.

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