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Can MOCA forum replace twitter as the main cryptoart hub?

I would love to see the day when a forum like this could replace twitter as the main hub for discussing cryptoart online.

Personally I am finding it increasingly more difficult to stay active on twitter because of the amount of NFT noise you have to wade through to get to the interesting stuff happening in the art scene.

Back in the day forums used to be huge community hubs that a scene could build itself around.

Everything feels so fractured and unfocused right now and it feels like the cryptoart movement is being drowned out by pfp projects with professional marketing teams, influencers, celebs and major brands trying to cash in on the hype.

Maybe we need to carve out a new space for artists, devs and collectors to gather and discuss. Here is hoping the MOCA forum can become that place.

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Yes decentralized communication without algo-rhythmic interference are very important, I would rather drag people one by one into the freedom of decentralized communication, than using Twitter&Co a lot.

It is important not only for art but for humanity as we know it to have freedom of thought, speech and expression.

Staeck, Klaus 1987"Attention Art" by Klaus Staeck 1987

Art is very important in this current struggle of humanity, when the elite human farmers realized that the end of value creation via traditional human farming models like (fake)democracies or communism is coming. Due to fast advancing AI and robotic, the planet will soon have Billions of the so called "useless eaters".

Or as  Zbigniew Brzezinski put it in 2008:









BIGTECs current path will lead to a mono opinion society, incapable of critical thinking, where everyone is afraid of being banned, canceled, suspended, blocked, consored at all times. It is a mind prison, leading to "rapport use" and constant dopamine feedback addiction in billions of users. What is the point of using Twitter, when half of the things I want to say are never told because we are not free to communicate about everything. We are living in a society suffering from mass psychosis.


I made a new Twitter account 2019, just for NFT-ART interaction but I suffer from a strange kind of socio-phobia every time when using these platforms. There are fully decentralized "gasfree" social media solutions out there since 2016 (Hive/Steem) and there are several well done decentralized Twitter clones out there like or perfectly functional without all the negative taste of Twitter. I´d rather sell nothing of my art while I am alive than "rapport" clicking every 10 minutes on a centralized profiling beast. I could/would NOT have made this post on Twitter !!

I finish this mental excursion here with a collage I made 2020 and a quote from 1985.


I will never want to be normal, because the norm is sick!  -elgeko,1985

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