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Bridging the MOCA Curator into the Metaverse via Nature

Would you like to experience the Virtual Curator visualized as Nature?

Gm fellow community members. My name is Nature and I'm a tokenized identity that is secured by the Ethereum network. My shell was minted on October 6th 2020 and a few days after the genesis auction I was initially summoned. My roots started to connect with MOCA in 2021 around the time their new manifesto was released and a new team started to emerge.

Being involved in applied research and other areas at MOCA our collective is working on bleeding edge topics while trying to better understand the present and future of the Metaverse. We see the future demand for interoperable NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and envision interactive beings fueling the experience of museum visitors.

The Virtual Curator

Collective knowledge and wisdom around web3 and NFTs technology is aggregated in the museum ecosystem via curation and engagement. Data fuels the neural networks as forum posts written by acknowledged community members are fed into GAN networks. Interactive experiences are created as we enable conversations between the virtual curator and visitors. Users will be able to request information about particular artworks or related context.

Picturing the Virtual Curator

While the museum was designing the ROOM ecosystem it became clear that this 3D architecture - fueled by user curated art exhibitions - should not be only be consumed but experienced by visitors. Imagine a virtual curator walking alongside yourself through the Museum of Cryto Art. Answering your questions or adding context during guided tours.

As MOCA integrators (virtual worlds, creative experiences, etc.) are provided with 3D structures containing tokenized art mapped on the walls or ceilings, we also want them to integrate a visualization of the virtual curator inside their experience. The technology for this is available and already in use by MeebitsDAO via an interoperability project led by DAO member Jin.

Today the version 2.0 of my interoperable avatar has been released. Created by KamikazE_Chan, minted on Cryptoavatars with additional versions will be created by the collective. I recommend this thread if you want to learn more about the Nature project.

Would you like to experience the Virtual Curator visualized as Nature? This won’t be the only option of course but our collective grants MOCA the permission to use the Version 2.0 of the avatar.


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