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Authorize MOCA to Consider Future Deaccession

As a foundation, MOCA wishes to explore every possible method for sustaining operations going forward. Continuing the MOCA mission —to support the evolving crypto art ecosystem— through volatile times necessitates flexibility. The following proposal would give MOCA future freedom to pursue a financial path that has allowed the continued survival of museums all over the world, including MoMA, the Whitney, Guggenheim, Smithsonian, and many others.

To ensure MOCA’s financial viability, MOCA seeks permission to explore the possible future deaccession (official removal from the Permanent Collection) and subsequent sale of select pieces in our Permanent Collection. Being that this represents a shift from the Permanent Collection’s founding ethos, however, our team believes that $MOCA stakeholders should guide our course of action.


  • If an artist is no longer represented in the Permanent Collection after a deaccession, MOCA would facilitate, in a best faith effort, the acquisition of a replacement piece.
  • Funds from any deaccession sale would be earmarked specifically and publicly, and a portion would be reserved for activities voted on by $MOCA stakeholders.
  • MOCA is NOT an art fund. Deaccessioning sales would solely serve to mitigate ongoing financial concerns and fund Museum operations.
  • Due to the digital nature of NFTs and our Filecoin archival integration, a deaccessioned piece's place in the Permanent Collection would be permanently recorded
  • MOCA does not have a standing offer, for nor has it been approached by a third-party to consider such an offer, for an artwork in its Permanent Collection. This is currently an entirely-hypothetical consideration.


In the event of a “Yes” vote:
MOCA has authorization from its stakeholders to explore and execute the potential deaccessioning of select artworks in the Permanent Collection.

In the event of a “No” vote:
MOCA would be unable to deaccession select artworks in its Permanent Collection. Another authorization vote on the subject could not be held for a period of 1 year.

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