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A few words about Marinalandia by Javier Arrés

I am a fan of Javier's visual toys since my beginning at digital art space and I remember myself spending hours watching all the playful details and thinking about the skill and imagination it takes to create one.

In Marinalandia i can see our whole digital ecosystem represented in a colourful and playful way. Big and small fishes are swimming around, a lonely nocoiner diver curious to see what's going on, our unique seahorse museum with its pearls and treasures guarded by the fierce polar bears and a beautiful mermaid trying to lure unsuspected artists/sailors.

The artwork is a real eye candy and every time i watch this perfect loop i discover more and more amazing little scenes that inspire me to write endless stories.

You can find  Marinalanda at MakersPlace and of course at the MOCA's Genesis Collection.

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