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Chakra Butterfly Flow <3

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Date Minted:  September 9, 2020

Artist Description: Seeing her float from above:) This is the 2nd of the "Chakra Butterfly" nft series... The butterfly is whimsical, dynamic and aligned with the chakras in her core. This is one of my 1st VR light sculptures, concepted for my 1st live VR painting performance. 

CohentheWriter’s Commentary:

“Alissa Christine,” otherwise known as “LUVRworldwide, is a high vibe Healing Artist, XR Artist, Curator, VR Gallerist, Photographer, Author…She's blending the boundaries of art, wellness and tech with her pioneering 3D light sculpture Worlds to be explored. Alissa creates immersive journeys through meditative story-telling. Her joy is sharing the magic of light, energy and information, congruent with her wellness practices of Reiki and Reconnective Energy Healing... conceptualized with an intention of guiding the virtual explorer toward states of elevation. Alissa's creations focus on positive change by inspiring inner growth, spirituality and sustainability with love.” 

A clear intention like that above could lead to nowhere but a piece with a title like this: just the words Chakra Butterfly Flow <3, which conjure all the implications of spirituality, love, and naturalism that LUVRworldwide explicitly notes are her preferred areas of artistic exploration. What does that look like in practice? In Chakra Butterfly Flow <3  and in many other works, it means 3D sculptures blending together cosmic colors, with purples and blues and blacks the predominant tones which populate LUVRworldwide’s artistry. It means consistent movement within abstract compositions: flares of energy, comet-like trails of blue lights, iridescent nodes floating in space. Even when a piece isn’t actually animated, movement is still insinuated with line and color. With five different artworks capturing different vantage points of the same 3D sculpture, the Chakra Butterfly series appears a total an encapsulation of all that LUVRworldwide seeks to accomplish in her works. Chakra Butterfly Flor <3 is but one minted angle of the larger artwork. Throughout the five pieces in this series, LUVRworldwide uses different angles, varied distances, and various states of animation to reveal new facets of the central object. Chakra Butterfly Flow <3  is likely the most abstract of all these five pieces, as the angle from which we are shown the sculpture mostly obscures the truth of its design. The sculpture, seen from head-on, is revealed to be a pulsating blue and purple butterfly, but in Chakra Butterfly Flow <3, it is stripped of its most identifiable characteristics because we’re seeing it from above instead of straight-on.

And seen like this, the Chakra Butterfly sculpture seems more like a representation of the female reproductive system than it does the insectoid creature it actually is. That’s because the butterfly’s wings are seen here in profile —there they are in the center of the piece. Like an actual butterfly’s wings, they have no width, so they appear only as glowing pink and purple ribbons. Floral and line-driven, from this perspective the sculpture is presented as a series of interlocking streamers and tubes, all culminating in a single flower-bulb shape towards the bottom of the frame; quite vaginal is that culmination, and quite uteral seems the rest of the piece. There’s a delicacy to the way the ribbons otherwise swivel and curve, not even remaining whole in places (like at the top of the piece, where indigo lines suddenly break apart into dripping raindrops of color). Set upon a stark black background, the piece is at its most cosmic in its very center, where the Butterfly’s glowing wings imbue the composition with bright white energy; intertwined blue and purple ribbons emerge directly out from it, while pink and yellow feathers gently shoot downwards, interlocking and interweaving like flower stems. Dozens of dark red bubbles, hardly even visible against the background, swarm around the sculpture’s midsection. We can see them clearer in certain brightly-lit areas, i.e. around the Butterfly’s glowing midsection. All taken together, I find various associations emerging from the structure of the sculpture itself: that of an Orchid, that of a reproductive system, or even the kind of glass globe that sits atop a chamberstick, like of the kind Ebenezer Scrooge walks around in his nightie holding.

Without no obvious shape, the composition naturally emphasizes its individual elements in lieu of a single underlying narrative or impression to hold them together. This only emphasizes Chakra Butterfly Flow <3’s cosmic connotations. It emphasizes the artwork’s spiritual side as well, for the piece appears much more like some kind of abstract expressionist composition —the product of instinctual and momentary creation— than it does a tightly-woven impression of an otherwise recognizable object.

Context is, of course, so important in artistry. But, lacking it, does the artwork itself cease to contain what it purports to? In a piece like Chakra Butterfly Flow <3, if the butterfly itself isn’t presently available —which may well happen to those who see this piece in the Museum’s gallery, without the rest of its series nearby— then the piece does, to an extent, betray its reality. 

We get a similar impression when we zoom in on something with a microscope. The resultant image is both a crucial component of what it came from, but it’s also not obviously related to that thing at all. It’s in that weird middle ground between being itself and not being itself that Chakra Butterfly Flow <3  sits, a pretty relevant realm for an artist so focused on evoking mystery and ephemera. 

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